Get total emails by day from Google Apps Admin Reports

Often, Google Apps Admins will be asked to report on total email usage for their domain.  The Gmail Aggregate Report is exactly what is needed to create this report; it generates a downloadable, day-by-day summary of emails sent and received by your domain.

To generate this report:

Get total emails by day from Google Apps Admin Reports

– Click the Google Apps grid and click on the Admin link. Admin Link










– In the Google Apps Admin console, click on Reports.


– In the Reports section, locate the Aggregate reports link to the left. Aggregate report









–  You’ll be taken to a graph of the total email usage for your Google Apps Domain.Summary graph


– Click the down arrow next to the Total emails header and choose your download method.

Data download











– Data will be exported to the format of your choice.  The CSV will download in your browser if you choose CSV; if you choose Google Sheets, click Open on the pop-up. Open Sheet





– The data will present a day-by-day breakdown of emails sent and received for your domain.  Google seems to save roughly 6 months of data for this report, so I suggest setting a reminder to download it every quarter so that you can keep a historical record of your own. Workable data