Automatically back-up your files

Automatically Back-up Your Files to Google Drive

Issue: After years of use, hard drives often begin to fail, putting your documents and files at risk of being lost.

Resolution: Use Google Drive (a free service that includes online storage space and an app) to back up your documents to “the cloud” automatically. If your hard drive fails at any point, files can simply be restored from Google Drive.


– Create a Google Account (if you have Gmail, you have already done this).

– Install the Google Drive app from
o This will create a folder named C:\Users\*your user name*\Google Drive

– Copy all of your files from your “Documents” folder to this Google Drive directory…this will begin to sync with Drive, which may take a couple minutes or hours depending on how much data you have…YOU WILL NEED INTERNET ACCESS FOR THIS STEP TO WORK.

– Wait for the sync to complete…there will be a Google Drive icon in your system tray (lower-right hand side of your screen, pictured below). If you hover over it, it will show you the status of your sync.

– Once your files have finished syncing, go to Start > Computer and on the left-hand side, under Libraries, right-click Documents and choose Properties

– In the window that pops-up, click Include a folder…

– Browse to C:\Users\*your user name*, select the Google Drive folder and click Include folder

– Next, highlight the other locations under “Library locations” and click Remove.

– Click OK

– Go back to Start > Computer

– In the left-hand location pane, under Libraries, expand Documents and right-click  Documents…choose Properties

– Select the Location tab and click Move…

– Select the Google Drive folder (C:\Users\*your user name*\Google Drive) and click Select folder, this makes the Google Drive folder your “My Documents” location.

– Anything you save in your My Documents folder will now automatically sync online to Google Drive, where they will be safe if your hard drive ever crashes.